Company Profile

UGARIT LLC. has been established as a company to respond to the market needs in systems design and development. We pay a special interest in understanding our customers’ requirements, we work with our customers to develop their business starting by formulating their requirements till we build their needed system in a stable, scalable, robust, secure, high performance and efficient way.

Currently, we are developing our own products (Car automation systems, Shopping centers marketing system, Driving safety Apps, Requirement management system) to be sold to our customers as SaaS (Software As A Service) with high capability to fit our customers needs.

Our Strategy:

  • Purpose: We are putting our plans to be among the leaders in building IT systems that meet the market needs.
  • Vision: to develop IT products that make our life easier, and provide us with wide range of wonderful services.
  • Mission statement: Contribute to the IT development in both human resources level and customers level. We believe that the more our customers are aware of the recent technologies and solutions, the more our developed systems will be optimal and fitting the market needs. Acquiring new graduates and be patient with them till they become senior engineers are among our ethical and social responsibilities.
  • Core values: We believe in that software products must carry at least the following characteristics: (Security, High performance, Scalable, User friendly). We tend to enhance our customer’s understanding and awareness of these characteristics, so that they will realize their importance and the need of continuous development.
  • Goals:
    • Building good reputation in the market and become among the leaders in developing software systems.
    • Enrich people’s life with wide range of useful services to make their life better.
    • Innovate solutions for the daily life time-consuming problems by proposing IT solutions to get rid of them.
    • Emerge between current technologies. Our products employ the recent known technologies such as augmented reality, clouds computing, etc.
  • Products:
    • We develop variety of systems that provide wide range of services to both individual drivers and companies. Our services include: (but not limited to) in-car automation, tracking, parental control, etc. This type of our products targets both driver’s safety, luxury, and business needs for tracking services. This system includes both mobile apps and GPS units.
    • Shopping center marketing tool: We are currently developing a marketing tool that allows the malls to benefit from the indoor location service to deliver store-specific announcements and promotions. Augmented reality is to be applied in this type of systems to let the clients get impressive commercial announcements. This system includes mobile apps to be used by clients.
    • Driving Safety app: It is an alarming system that notifies the driver once exceeding the street speed limit. The speed limit is being retrieved lively from a map provider. This app’s objective is to keep the driver aware upon exceeding the street speed limit where his/her safety will be in danger.
    • Requirement management systems: This system targets business analysts, project managers, developers, etc. It helps them in determining the needed requirements, scope, and dependencies, then generates technical reports. These reports support the decision maker in choosing the proper plan and strategy for that project.